pyRevitLabs Collective

Hello friends,

With the help from contributors, I submitted an application for pyRevitLabs Collective on OpenCollective. This will help us become a bit more official and be able to support our multi-national list of maintainers, contributors, and fans.

Here are the overall idea and it is open to comments and ideas from you all:

  • pyRevitLabs on OpenCollective. This provides a financially legal structure for pyRevit so we can share the current support we receive on Patreon. Once the application is accepted we need to figure out how to move that to OpenCollective.
  • pyRevitLabs Organization on Github will be the host for all repositories. Currently it holds all pyRevit related repos, except for pyRevit itself. Mostly because we don’t want to break existing url links.
  • pyRevit repo will be forked into the pyRevitLabs org for pyRevit 5 and above.
  • email for maintainers
  • pyRevit YouTube channel continue to exist and host content alongside commitee meetings
  • This forum which is alive and well :smiley:
  • Other misc resources e.g. Twitter account, Installers on Chocolatey or WinGet etc.

Looking forward to hearing back from you all. Please take a look at the last meeting linked here, and previous ones, to know more about this discussion:



Just a quick note: github has the ability to move a repository to an organization that automatically redirects the old links to the new location, so it should be safe to do it right now.

It also does the redirect for the git commands, so we don’t even need to worry about updating our remotes, even though is strongly encouraged to switch to the new url.

For reference: Transferring a repository - GitHub Docs

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@eirannejad, if you get the chance, can you share the connection details or create a user for me to try and redirect the subdomain to the right place in namecheap.
I am also exploring the website creation to create the central place for all pyRevit things under the root adress