Pyrevit workflow with Notion - any real life scenario?

Hi All, I’ve watch Ehsan’s interview with Nicholas in BIM Pure about the Notion. I have a notion account but mostly it is for file dumping only that I can access anywhere the same as how I use Github. Someone on the comment mention in there that he/she uses pyrevit and then send the data to notion via api.

My question is, what are the real life scenario where we can use that workflow? I’m currently practicing how to retrieve and write data on notion and I think i’m getting the hang of it. I just like to have an idea to as my personal project.

  • Get any data from your model in there
  • Populate a table with your QA QC data and project info to have a centralized QA QC dashboard place for your team

thanks! made a command logger to know who’s using the command! :black_heart:

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How do you connect pyRevit and Notion? I connected Notion and Gmail through Make, but I wouldn’t know how to connect pyRevit and Notion, even using Make.

Thank you!!!

It depends what you want to do.
Populate Revit data to a notion data table… Notion api, data table, requests module, you should get there.