PyRevit without the menus


Many of the commands in PyRevit are awesome! However some can be very destructive to the model. This destructive side keeps me from deploying PyRevit to our entire team.

Perhaps this question has been asked before, so my apologies …
Is it possible to install PyRevit, hide the menus and make certain commands available with a keyboard shortcut?

For example, SB = Section Box visibility or RN = Renumber …

Your suggestions are appreciated.

That should help you

pyRevit for Teams

Basically, you could clone the repo / create your own clone replacing, removing extensions, replacing pushbutton for nobutton.

Sky is the limit, you will just have to geek out a bit :slight_smile:


Thanks for your fast response. I have read thru your suggested approach and it is much too geeki for me :o)

It is my hope to simply hide or turn off the PyRevit menu but allow keyboard shortcuts to execute selected commands. Any chance this is possible?

Possible, but geeky:

  • replace “.pushbutton” in folder names by “.nobutton” should get you further