PyRevit will not load

Hello all,

First post. Looking forward to getting into pyRevit and seeing how I can leverage this great add-in! However, I have an issue - pyRevit won’t load when Revit starts up. I have attached a screenshot of the error message. I am using Revit 2020.2 and (unfortunately still) Windows 7. I have seen others have this same issue and it seems that there are ways to get this to work, but I wasn’t sure if it may because I’m still on Windows 7. In addition, I don’t fully comprehend the fix i have seen on this, so if Windows 7 is acceptable, I will have more questions! Thank you in advance!!

Is anyone able to help? I have attempted the Command Line workarounds I have seen suggested to others, but it seems that my masters are there; my attempts don’t seem to go anywhere but in circles. I am unsure why this isn’t working…

I get the same kind of message if I launch multiple versions of revit and pyrevit is getting called at the same loading time.
Check if your pyRevit_config.ini file mentionned in the error message is not used in other softwares like notepad, word …
See also if the file is not blocked in its properties
Other than that, no queue.
Maybe take a look in the github issue list see if something matches your own problem