pyRevit Telemetry

Hi @eirannejad ,
I was wondering if it was possible to add UI events (record button clicks) and transactions as part of the telemetry server?
Let me know what your thoughts are.

So button clicks usually end up executing a Revit command. There is a telemetry record for Command Executed - See Last Item

So maybe that?

yep, that worked thank you so much -
2 more questions though

  1. my current telemetry server crashes with the error “fatal error concurrent map writes” especially when scaling to more than 2 users - wondering if you had seen this before ?

What does this hook do ? - the link to it goes is dead :frowning:

let me know what your thoughts are :slight_smile:

found this fix for the go error - [SOLVED] Golang fatal error: concurrent map writes |
But my go knowledge is very very basic

let me know your thoughts :slight_smile: @eirannejad