PyRevit still looking for old '.tab' folder name

I have setup a few custom directory extensions which have been working well. I renamed the .tab folder names but now when launching Revit, a list of errors pop-up mainly in relation to loading icons to their related button but i can see that the error is looking for the old folder name. I can’t find where this is being stored, i’ve tried removing the directories, restarting then re-adding but that does not help. Where do i look to fix this?

Hi @ppittas and welcome,

Many times I got caught with typos and bad folder structure…
I suggest you try and remove the blocking folders and add those back progressively.

Usually ‘reload’ does the trick, most of the time
If not,
There is a cache in the %appadata%/pyRevit/ per version of Revit.
You could delete those and it will rebuild at loading time

Hi Jean,

Thank you for that info. I did try to reload but it was still looking for the old .tab folder name in the error message when adding back the offending folders. Clearing the cache has helped though.

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