Pyrevit Room data import

Hi, I am working on a project at my company where I am trying to write a python script that will run on the Revit file and extract the room data (name area and level). Note that this will not be a plugin in the revit and needs to work on computers without revit installed or at least open.

The idea is that this script (once given the path to RVT) will extract the room data and then write it in a CSV. Is this possible with pyrevit? I do not seem to find how.

Hi @Rush123678 and welcome

That is a big question for a first one.

Multiple ways to look at it:

  • pyRevit can batch process up, to a point, Revit files:
  • The revit batch processor, it can execute scripts on a list of files, it is decently robust
  • journal file processing: Harry Mattison did a 3 part article about it not long ago
  • there are commercial solution that can do this: imaginit clarity, bimbeats, ankerdb, daqs io, …

  • if the files are on ACC, you could also do it with the APS api

:warning: Beware :warning:

  • File processing is different if the file is a local file, a central file on a server, a central file on revit server or a file in design collaboration.
  • You can seriously mess up production file if you don’t know what you are doing

for reference: Working with Multiple Projects / Model checker - #3 by ValquirPacheco

Another way to look at it: have a script to extract and write and create and deploy on your colleague’s computers an extension with a hook that will use that script to extract the data

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Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I think the best route to move forward for me is to use a plugin in Revit that can export instead of trying to use an external script.