PyRevit Load Errors with New Tool

I have used Pyrevit a bit for Revit 2022. Our company recently installed a new tool, and it may be conflicting with Pyrevit. It doesn’t show up as a tool bar anymore and I get the below error upon opening 2022. Do I need to unistall and reinstall? Having issues with the new revit tool as well, and wondering if they conflict.

Doesn’t show the fix in here, but you can rename the addin file for the addin that you installed. you need to have it come AFTER pyrevit (alphabetically)

or rename pyrevit as “apyrevit.addin” or something like that. apparently it loads addins alphabetically.

This worked for microdesk bimrx which previously broke pyrevit and let us use both

You can try these steps too if nothing works.
Following these thoroughly should get you all fixed.

Loading/installation issues