PyRevit in Revit 2024 Dark Mode

Is there a way to change the colors in the ribbon? I just am using dark mode in Revit 2024 and the pyRevit ribbon is difficult to see.

Thanks for pointing that out. Known issue you can follow this to see when it will be resolved PyRevit icons on the ribbon are barely visible when Revit 2024 dark theme enabled · Issue #1834 · eirannejad/pyRevit · GitHub

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Fixed by @dosymep by #1897 :champagne: :pray: :tada:

  • All icons got duplicated and converter to icon.dark.png with white color
  • a utility script has been added under /extras/dark_mode/ to help batch convert icons for your own extensions
  • added a geter setter in the pyrevit.revit.ui module if you want to create your own button by including a reload session function to streamline it.

How do I get this change?

Requires a Reload whenever you switch theme

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