PyRevit for Revit 2016

Hi! I am used to PyRevit with Revit 2023,
But now i am having an issue trying to use it with release 2016 of Revit. When installed, and while opening Revit 2016, a code page is showing instead of the PyRevit icon in the taskbar. And i do not understand that because i am not a programmer.

Is there a specific PyRevit version i should use with Revit 2016?
And: Can i use PyRevit with Release 2016?


Hard to know and hard to test.

  1. Please provide a screen capture of the error
  2. run the ‘pyrevit env’ command in the windows command line and report here

Revit 2016 is still listed in the pyrevit-hosts.json file
But there has been many big changes in the Revit API since.
I know for certain the latest installer runs well from 2019 upward

btw, Autodesk does not allow usage of more than 4 versions backward of Revit. Unless you have a specific agreement with them.

Revit 2016 was the last one you could grab with a perpetual license. That’s why folks keep asking about the 2016 version here and on the Dynamo forum.