Pyrevit extend --token not an option

Howdy Y’all,

I’m starting to use pyRevit CLI more by keeping my extensions in a remote GitHub repository and am experiencing issues with the --token option when doing pyrevit extend.

As mentioned above, my extension is in a private GitHub repo for which I spun up a private access token for. When I use pyRevit extend to clone the repo by using the --token=<auth_token> which is shown under one of the usage examples, I just get an Arg processing failed error.

Could I be using the CLI argument wrong, or does pyRevit extend not support the --token option currently?


An additional note while I’m troubleshooting:
It seems to not be happy when I pass it a token when I’m reffering to just the name of the extension, although I have sources set up to where the extension name points to the github repo.
When I manually give it the repo to pull from, then it works.

Have a look around here.

And at the end of this handout

Renaming main branch to master…