Pyrevit Custom Tools - Error with argument of SelectFromList Form

Hi everybody
I’m facing with an error: everyone in my company, except me that I’ve created the custom tools, has the same problem whe they use some tools where I used “SelectFromList” form:

It seems that I need to indicate 3 arguments, but on my pyrevit Environment the form runs correctly with only 2.

wbslist = [“WBS_L1”,“WBS_L2”, “WBS_L3”,“WBS_L4”,“WBS_L5”]

yn = [“Yes”,“No”]

WBSSelect = SelectFromList('Select wbs parameter to collect level values: ', wbslist)

yesno = SelectFromList(‘Do you want the report?’, yn)

t = Transaction(doc, “Compile WBS parameter for levels”)

I’ve checked if there is a problem with PyRevit version, overwriting also the file of forms in AppData/Roaming…

But it doesn’t work.

Anyone could help me, please?
Thanks in advance

this bug has been fixed in some of the latest PR.
try any of the wip installers in the past week here

wip installers instructions

note: you will need a github account to grab the installer