Pyrevit causing error in opening project file having DWG links

I am encountering some issues with pyRevit on most of our projects:

  1. Projects (both Revit server and ACC) that have links to files on Y drive (local drive) show a message “disable pyrevitupdater” every time I open them.
    and then file stops loading .band aid of this issue is either you Disconnect the local drive and try opening it opens or uninstalling pyrevit How can I disable pyrevitupdater permanently?
  2. Sometimes, I get this error related to pyrevitupdater when I try to reload the DWG files in Revit. I have to disable pyrevitupdater manually each time I open a new Revit instance.
    Is there a way to fix this error?


@saurabhsjha Hi,
There is no history of issues with the pyRevitUpdater whatsoever in the pyRevit repo.
Only mention is a 2017 issue mentionning the installer and Symantec antivirus.
Unrelated IMHO

Which version of pyRevit are you using? If you don’t know, run the command line and report back.

Steps to figure ou the origin of the issue:

  • Expand the error message and see what is tells
  • Check the Revit Journal entries as well
  • Try with another revit file located somewhere else
  • Try with the same revit files but links to a different place
  • Disable all addins except pyRevit
  • Do you have a firewall or antivirus running except the ones from Windows? If so, try it when you disable those.

You can still open an issue

Reporting an issue