Pyrevit button is not loading

Hello everyone
I started learning plugin development for Revit. I installed Revit 2023 and Pyrevit latest version [pyRevit v4.8.13.23182]
I am following the tutorial below, to create a create a toolbar consisting of two push buttons. One of them will open a link and another will show a message. Very Basic.

Unfortunately, while uploading my extension folder. I am getting this error message. (Please, see the [screenshot 1]
I also attached my folder structure Please, see [screenshot 2]
I looked at the previous forum topic on the issue. I think I uploaded the extension folder properly ( See [screenshot 3]. But couldn’t make it yet.
I am quite new to programming. I am just trying to learn. Could anyone please help to solve the issue?

All Screenshots are here.
Best Regards

Welcome @avishiplu

Everything looks fine except a typo in your bundle.yaml file in your pushbutton folder.

Try to use a hall formatter online tool and copy paste the content of your bundle.yaml file into the formatter, it will help you figure out what is wrong.

You can also remove entirely the bundle.yaml file to see if the script work. You may have to reload to see the results