PyRevit Automation NewFamily instance Problem

Hi for professionals!
I’m having issue with processing creating of NewFamilyInstance with pyRevit automation.

  1. run code that loads initialization file in Revit via pyrevit terminal RUN command (with 2 files)
  2. the Revit opens IFC model on backend (you can’t see a viewport)
  3. it mapps objects and loads families Symbols to revit according the object names
  4. Activates Families Sylbols
  5. Should create a new family instance from this symbols ( seems no problem is here)
  6. saves revit file, exports dwg , and closes Revit.

If I run same code in revit python shell while revit is opened with some initialization model it’s works,
But as long as I try to run same actions by using pyrevit it’s not works - I get in output revit model with loaded families but without instances.

I’ll appreciate any help, Thanks!

Hi @Arkadii
Please take a look at the quickstart guide, especially this part:

Provide Details: When asking for help, be sure to include your code and configuration settings. Generic descriptions or error messages aren’t enough for us to pinpoint the problem accurately.

Without code, or at least an error/debug message, we cannot know what is goin on and suggest fixes.