Pyrevit addin doesn't appear on revit 2024

I have installed the latest version pyRevit_4.8.14.24016 and it appears only on revit 2023.1 and it doesn’t appear on revit 2024.2

Hi Hossein and welcome…

Read this: #2035

the reply is almost always the same:

  • Uninstall
  • Remove %appdata%/pyrevit and %appdata%/pyrevit-master folder if any
  • Move Revit addins to temp location
  • install latest pyrevit
  • start Revit once - close it
  • bring revit addins to their original location
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I have to do all this to run it?
I’ll wait for your fix release

This is an issue that cannot really be fixed on pyRevit side only.
The loading sequence of Revit addins has always been an issue for many Revit addins.
One way to partly fix it is to compile dependencies (dll) with new names. pyRevit has already a few of them fixed this way. Have a look here: pyRevit/bin at master · eirannejad/pyRevit · GitHub some off the pyrevitlabs. prefixed dll are external dll with renamed namespaces

You can also try running the installer again, this worked for me to make it show up in Revit 2024 (with Revit closed).

You posted in a forum to get a resolution to your issue, someone told you the fix and you can’t even be bothered to try it. Ha.
Laughable that you’re going to “… wait for your fix release”. Yes, they will get on it right away your highness!