Pushing pyRevit_config.ini file to firm

Hello there,

This is my first time posting to a forum. I just have a pretty quick yes/no question.

I’m looking to push the pyRevit_config.ini file to our firm because I have set up a folder to house any extensions that I create/need to fix etc. and I would like for everyone’s Revit extensions to path to that new folder because it needs to be located on my company’s server. I have added the location in the ‘userextensions’ line of the file and it seems to be working fine in testing, but was wondering about the [enviornment] section. I have read that it shouldn’t be manipulated via the pyRevit Configuration section of the Developer Docs

Here’s my question, if I put a pyRevit_config file in everyone’s %appdata%/Roaming/PyRevit folder with the new userextensions path, do I need to worry about the [enviornment] section because it will rewrite itself at startup? Or is there an even better way to push this out that I am not seeing/finding?

Thanks for your time, it’s really appreciated!

Hi James, Welcome

  • Yes this is a realistic way to do it.
  • No I would not worry about the [environment] section too much
  • a better way could be: your extension on github, gitlabs, … and a script that run one time at user login and runs the following CLI command:

pyrevit extend ui <extension_name> <repo_url> --dest=<dest_path>] --token=<auth_token>


Thank you, that really helps my situation. Unfortunately, I can’t put my extensions on GitHub because I need to stay within the company for this but, knowing that the [enviornment] section isn’t a concern is an enormous relief!

I really appreciate the prompt reply and succinct answer.

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Sorry to bother you again but, I have one more picky question regarding that setup.

When I install using the admin ‘pyRevit_4.8.13.23182_admin_signed’ file, pyRevit installs to the ‘C:Program Files’ folder but, with the ‘pyRevit_4.8.13.23182_signed’ file, pyRevit installs to the %appdata% folder, Will this make any difference when pushing the pyRevit_config.ini file to the firm in the %appdata%\pyRevit folder regarding where the pyRevit-Master is located on their machine? i.e. could/should the [enviornment] portion be blank when pushed to all the users and it’ll find/write itself as pyRevit is reloaded or whenever it needs from the %Programdata% file?

I apologize again but, I’m just really worried about that portion of it.