Printing from Sheet Index

Hello. I’m new on this forum so pardon me if this same question has been already answered.

My issue is about printing from sheet index. This tool is just fantastic! However, when two or more people use this tool all at the same time printing from one central file, we are getting an error message which won’t allow other people print.

Anyone experienced this? If so, how was it resolved. Thank you!

The Print tool needs to make adjustments to the sheet numbers to get them to be ordered correctly when printing into one set. That means anyone printing the set, needs to own all the sheets being printed in the model. Otherwise they’re gonna get an error saying they don’t own all the sheets.

Do you knw more information about the error they’re getting?

I’d say synchronize first then print.

The whole Revit infrastructure is revolving around ownership of stuff so that two persons cannot edit one thing at the same time.

You cannot move a wall without getting the person that touched that wall to sync and release ownership of that wall and to sync yourself to get it’s changed

Open detached if it is only for printing purposes and no changes needs to be saved to central…

we did sync’d but same results. However, I think the open detached might work! Thanks for your response!

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It’s an error that tells us that Person A cannot print because Person B owns the sheet. We tried printing a BIG set so we wanted to split the work among 3 people. However, ended up just one person printing because of this error…I have not tried doing open detach…by the way the project is on BIM 360…Thanks!!!

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