Print to PDF not saving file names properly

I am using Revit 2020:

Trying to use the PyRevit Print Sheets tool. I have selected a PDF printer and chose a naming format (sheet number/name).
Basically the first 2 sheets will print and save as expected, after that it only saves the file as 2 characters for the file name…for example, I may have the following sheets: (Cover, x1 Code Criteria, a4.1a - Arch Plan 1st Floor Area B, a4.1b Arch Plan 1st Floor Area B)
The first 2 files save properly, but the next 2 will just be “a4”.

Anybody else experienced this? Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.

Late reply, but have you tried printing from the revit sample file. I haven’t looked at the code, but that may be because of a special character in the numbers or the names of the sheets…

I suspect it to be a PDF writer issue…I tried different PDF creators and others work. The one not working for me is “CutePDF” FYI.

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