Print Sheets - view references dropping in combined pdf output

This is my first post in the forum so I hope I am doing this correctly.
We are experiencing a problem with print sheets. Our environment: Revit 2022 with central model hosted on a revit server. For some files when we select “Combine into One PDF” the view references for sections, elevation and callouts disappear. If we print the same set of sheets but do not combine them the view reference are present. It is happening with a couple of files, but not others. I have tested this and it doesn’t seem to matter what workstation I’m on. It seems to be central file dependent.

Has anyone seen this behavior? Does anyone have ideas about what I need to correct to get it to work as expected?

Thank you!

hi bjpatty, welcome to the forum.

I’ve done a quick test on my end on a local file but can’t reproduce your problem.
But I’m thinking that this might not be a pyrevit problem, but rather a problem with your PDF printer.
I suggest you try using a different PDF printer and see if that works?