Print Sheets - No List of Sheets Appearing

Have been trying to implement Print Sheets in the office workflow and can’t seem to get it to work. The Model and Sheet Index appear in the dropdowns, however, when selected no sheets on the sheet list appear below.

Have looked at the wiki but unsure if there is something that needs to be set up first for the sheets to appear? (Screenshot below)


hi Sam,
I had never used it before but it seems you need to have a sheet list in your project in order to get the preview working

Thanks for your reply Jean-Marc

Project does have an existing sheet list in the file, which is appearing in the sheet index(schedule) dropdown and I can select it. Just doesn’t seem to recognize any of the sheets. Also tried creating new sheet list and adding a Print Index parameter, nothing seems to be working which is quite strange

Just unsure if I’m missing anything in the setup…

While trying it I used the sample project and created a sheet list with all the sheets parameters. One of them might trigger the preview.
I suggest you try it on the sample project like I did and then narrow down the list of parameters in the schedule to figure out which one is doing the trick.

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the instructions
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Thanks for your help Jean-Marc, tried it on another computer and did work, must be something I have to fix on the other PC


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If a sheet doesn’t show up on the index it is because the user forgot to check the box to show on the index in the sheet properties. I have had this happen to me. Easy fix.

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