Preflight checks


First of all thank you so much for the amazing and free plugin, you made the lives of thousands of BIMers a lot easier!!

I have couple of questions regarding the amazing preflight checks:
1- is there a way to make the output into a BI power dashboard?
2- is it ok to move the pushbutton folder to another folder (toolbar) or am i going to get copyrighted?

Appreciate the help

Hi @nerdasorus

  1. I doubt there is an easy path. What you could do is take the data results to a csv and use is as your source for a powerBI dashboard. Or better, take the data out to a googlesheet, use it in a google datastudio dashboard and display it in an output window or in the browser
  2. You can put the pushbutton wherever you want, just keep the author / source mentioned in the code. And even better, show to the results of your tools here in the forum!

I hope this helps