Postable Commands

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I decided to start a new topic from the link as it was solved. @Jean-Marc’s very helpful solution (here: Opening Dynamo Player) got me thinking.

How do you run a postable command on a specific element (i.e. run a command with a model group selected)? I’m currently trying to update an old script which identifies model groups with excluded members, and make it restore excluded group members on specific model groups. There’s potentially a world of possibilities with the introduction of postable commands, but I’m stuck…

I initially used Jeremy Tammik’s list of postable commands ( but found that using the latest Revit journal file was most effective in finding the command info!

The restore excluded group members command is: ID_RESTORE_ALL_EXCLUDED


a guess, get element selected physically in revit

then launch the command?
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from pyrevit import revit, DB
selection = revit.get_selection()
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Thanks Jean-Marc. The solution works, but unfortunately ID_RESTORE_ALL_EXCLUDED isn’t a postable command:

Good to know for other tools though