Pattern Maker bug: "Skipping safe angle for grid point U:41 V:800

Hello! I am getting a bug when trying to make a pattern with curves.

I get the warning: “Skipping safe angle for grid point U:26 V:826”


And the warning repeats numerous times. It stays in a loop, and I have to restart Revit.

Any way to solve this?

Thank you!

Hi Nicolas,
Could you send the Revit file with the drawing of the pattern?

Sure, here it is. google

Hi @n_catellier
I tried it and I pinned done the issue.
The scale of your hatch is too small

If you scale it by ten fold or more, the result is fine.

The hatch pattern maker has a few limitations, especially when it comes to the curves as it does an approximation of the geometry. And this is the error you got, mentioning either handle or distance was too short at uv coordinates.

Ok, that clarifies it!

Merci JM

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