Parameter name: symbol, value cannot be null


I have some code to create sheets and add views and annotations.
It works fine in the other revit versions.
But for some reason i get an error in revit 2024.
Thats totally fine, I can troubleshoot those problems and edit the script.
The thing that i am concerned about is that i get Fatal errors when I get a pyrevit error message.
The message below was combined with the fatal error. I’ve never had one in the other versions and i create a lot of scripts. The Traceback messages have never caused a fatal error.
I have to say that most of my scripts do work in Revit 24

  1. If you don’t share nay of the problematic code, very little chance someone gets to the task of helping.

  2. Define fatal error: blue screen, Revit crash, Revit soft crash asking you to save, pyRevit output window only?

  3. The error is pretty explicit. And ‘symbol’ can’t be a parameter in the Revit API, so maybe there is a typo somewhere

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I can fix the code and i just did. So thats okey.
My problem is that revit had a crash, i’ve never had that happen before while running a script in revit versions below 2024.
I tried the faulty script a few times and every time the same crash.
My real question is: am i just lucky ive never had revit crash from a script before or is it a thing that happens in R24.
The revit gave a message for Fatal error and asks me to save before closing

So soft crash.

The journal file might tell you more

I will look in to it,
I just simulated a few other different python tracebacks and none of them crashed revit.
So it seems to be an isolated incident to that one script.