Overrides User Interface

Hello pyRevit friends :slight_smile:

I have a tool that sets pre defined overrides to view filters.
I now want to make a tool that sets a custom override to a view filter, so the user can decide which overrides he want to set.

My only idea to do this is to use a command switch form as a first step and let the user decide what he wants to override.

Enable/Visible/Projection Line/Projection Pattern/Transparency/Cut Lines/Cut Pattern/Halftone.

Then i would need the next form to let the user decide what he wants to set:


Thats all not very user friendly, specially if you want to set multiple overrides.

So I would like to know if there is a better way to do this with pyRevit.

If not i would like to know if this is something other users would also like, so maybe in the future pyRevit could get a form like this:


That would help to make this process more convenient.

Appreciate any advice!
Kind regards