Open Family and get Types

Hello pyRevit Friends :slight_smile:

I want to open a family and get all the type names.
I get the result List[Element](), so only an empty list.

family_path = r'C:\Users\...\View_Title_2.rfa'

# Open the family document
doc = __revit__.Application.OpenDocumentFile(family_path)

# Get the family symbol (type) elements
family_types = FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(FamilySymbol).ToElements()

print family_types

Would really appreciate any help on getting these types.

Kind Regards!

Got it :slight_smile:

doc = __revit__.Application.OpenDocumentFile(family_path)

elementlist = []
nameslist = []

for ftype in doc.FamilyManager.Types:

print elementlist, nameslist