New Release: pyRevit 4.8.16


  • :green_circle: We moved the pyRevit repo from @eirannejad user account to the pyrevitlabs org to facilitate the work of maintainers and to release some (if not all :wink: ) of the pressure from @eirannejad shoulders. It has been ten years, you know… :green_circle:

  • Resolved #2188: rpw resources engine update - :champagne: This is major and thanks @jbf1212 for this fix. Now you wont get the LoadComponent 3 args error using the rpw module


  • Improved #2209: Lines per view counter improvements by @jmcouffin, a new take on @frederic-beaupere tool, with a new shift click option to query lines in linked files views
  • Implemented #2178: Feature/show view range by @thumDer, pretty nifty tool :clap: Next time you will train on Revit, I am sure you will think about Tamas :smile:
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