New release is out πŸŽ‰ - Revit 2024 friendly

New release is out :heart_eyes::champagne::rocket::tada:

  • Revit 2024 friendly!
  • Bundle Creator extensions, to get you started with the main types of UI buttons in a blitz - 2D override in view
  • Legend component orientation setter, to give you more possibilities than the Revit UI - loads of fixes and improvements

Thanks to all contributors (to the code repo or to the forum), to name a few:
@thumDer @dosymep @sanzoghenzo, @davidvadkerti

And the master mind @eirannejad

Find out more and try:

  • Added support for Dark theme. Go to the WIP Installers section under Actions in the GitHub repository.
    Thanks to @dosymep

Hi does this app works with Revit LT 2014??? it will be great if it does

Welcome @ozx_dn,
Unfortunately, Revit LT does not support addins /plugins. This is one of the limitations created by Autodesk that comes with LT.

Hi, the match overrides tool doesn’t seem to work in REVIT 2024. I dwld the latest version. Any ideas? @eirannejad

Hi Daniela and welcome,
Please do not tag Ehsan, it is like pinging Elon Musk and expecting a reply.
If it is an issue, fill in a issue on the github repo following the guidelines issue report