🎉 New pyRevit release - spread the love

A new release has been published

Feel free to spread the love, repost, …

:heart_eyes: New #pyRevit Release packed with new tools, fixes:

  • Dark mode friendly,

  • The historical Color Splasher from BIM One implemented in pyRevit with some ground work from Nonica.io plus some help from BIM One with some bonuses (Create legend, Create and Apply View Filters)

  • A Synchronize tool

  • Plenty other stuffs…

Lots of people gave time and efforts on this one. :muscle:

Check the whole release notes here and installers:

:moneybag: Feel free to support on pyRevit | creating BIM Tools | Patreon

:loudspeaker: Participate in the community https://discourse.pyrevitlabs.io/

:man_mage: or even bring some wizardry in the repo GitHub - eirannejad/pyRevit: Rapid Application Development (RAD) Environment for Autodesk Revit®


Amazing! Excited to test the new tools and the new updates to come.

For some reason the embedded links aren’t working.

Downloading from the assets at the bottom worked fine for me.

Thanks for the heads up! @iorhanV


Hi ! What a wonderful news ! Is it possible to have a little tutorial on how to use the

@danselkaz it is a very basic script that you can run in vscode to add an icon.dark.png for every icon.png file found. It will replace pixels of any color to the 235,235,235 rgb color.

  1. open script in vscode
  2. pip install pillow in the terminal
  3. change the file path as it will process the folders content looking for icon.png and creating an icon.dark.png in the same folder