MongoDB versions for Telemetry

Keep in mind that if you’re intending on using MongoDB as your database for Telemetry, you should use MongoDB versions 4.x.x or 5.x.x

My first efforts were trying to use MongoDB Atlas, but I soon discovered that it wasn’t supported by the pyrevit-telemetryserver.exe.

Next, I installed MongoDB 6.0.3 and thought that everything was gonna be great. I pushed my way through setting up db admins and other permissions, thinking maybe that was the missing step, but after all of my troubleshooting, I was still left with telemetry just hanging up at “opening mongodb session” each time a pyRevit command was initiated (see image below).

Finally, I figured I would give a different version of MongoDB a shot, because I felt as though I had tried everything else…After some failed efforts at getting authorization setup for the new db, I realized that the “Unknown Status. Click Here To Test” button in the pyRevit Settings was finally orange. Connection complete!

As someone who has never worked directly with databases until this, this has all been a great learning experience. I’ve dived into topics that I have never explored before, and I’ve scoured through much more of the pyRevit code than I had prior.

I figure some API changes in the new MongoDB messed up the telemetry process, but now I’m wondering what it would take to build a telemetry server for the newer version or other database altogether. In my exploration I did attempt to do that, but wasn’t able to get it to build. A question for another day perhaps.

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Can you show Step by Step how you set up Mongodb and the setup the Telemetry
i am not so good with DB and this is my first time.