Modify / Renumber tool -viewports - use unique number error randomly

Recently our firm has been experiencing an error while using Modify / Renumber tool -viewports.

Sometimes when starting with a viewport number, 1 usually, Revit kicks out an error “Detail number already in use. Enter a unique number” To get around this I have users substitute letters and then go back to numbers and so far that works and is still faster than using the native Revit interface.

Version of PyRevit used: pyRevit_4.8.11.22103_admin_signed.exe
Versions of Revit 2022 and 2023

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is it something in 4.8.11?
Any other work arounds or workflow changes I should tell my team about?
Would installing: pyRevit_4.8.12.22247_admin_signed.exe help?