Material image's reference linking into Revit needs fixing

Firstly, I need to thank you for developing this wonderful “pyRevit” as a tool.

I have asked Autodesk somewhere in 2017 to revisit how the images are referenced when setting up materials in Revit. It became a problem when the models on our server was accessed from other offices that use different network drive letters to name the server se had in our office. I had to constantly remap the materials build-up from image map down to bump map. Then at some point I noticed that they added the materials library file that you can save and thought they fixed this problem.

After some testing I realised that it was not what the library file tool was for and that the problem is still a problem. Not even using BIM360 or a cloud storage option like SharePoint can be used to fix the mapping problem.

Could pyRevit fix this mapping problem or have the image files be written into the .sdsklib to kind of act like a accessible zip file that contains all the material info and image files.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Hi Marius,

well to answer your question: probably.

but you might be more interested in this article and the last comment as well