Manage Keynotes Scare

Hi, all.

I’ve started using the Manage Keynote (MK) tool recently, starting on a small project, where it worked really well. We have now started to use MK on a large project (full MEP project, with around 150 sheets, perhaps 6-8 Revit users).

The issue: the project is young, so we only have about 4 keynotes (each placed multiple times on a few sheets so far). As I am about to place a new keynote (5th keynote now), the symbol shows up as usual on the plan, but the keynote schedule on the sheet does not update to show its description - only the number. Strange as it seems, the scary part is the next: on another sheet, where my coworker had placed 9 keynotes the day before, which were all the same with the same key and were numbered “1” in the keynote schedule in the sheet, 2 of her keynotes were stolen by my new key and its description - with no interaction from anyone.

What that means: out of her 9 keynotes from the previous day, 7 still said “1” on the plan, and still had her original key and description, and the keynote schedule showed the appropriate description she had, but now the other 2 changed their keys to the one I had just created, and now showed “2” on the plans, and the keynote schedule shows the description for that new key. Again, none of us did that.

Any chance anyone knows what the issue is and, if possible, explain how to not allow that to happen again?

I really like the MK tool, but with an issue such as this it could render the tool completely unusable. Imagine working on a project with tens or hundreds of sheets, with hundreds of unique keynotes used multiple times on all sheets, and then finding out near the deadline that many keynotes were randomly switched - utter nightmare for any Revit user.

Thanks in advance,