Looking to create a PDF and Revit file on sharepoint

I’ve been asked to complete this task by using PyRevit. Pre-note: When a user saves a revit file the file is uploaded to a sharepoint site. This site contains the edited revit file and a PDF version of the edited revit file. I’m currently tasked with developing a script that will update both files on the sharepoint whenever an edit is made to a file in Revit. Essentially, a user saves his work in Revit, that save generates a Revit File and a PDF file, and those files are uploaded to a Sharepoint. I’ve gathered how to do each task distinctly, but I am requesting guidance on if completing these two actions simultaneously is even possible.

Hi @TempCampus, welcome to the forum!
I got the main idea/problem you have to solve, but I fail to understand exactly what are you asking.

I assume the users use OneDrive and work directly on the sharepoint share, aren’t they?

If so, the problem boils down to trigger an automatic export of the PDF file when the revit file is saved.

For that, you need a hook: save tyour script as doc-saved.py so that it will be run whenever the DocumentSave event is triggered.