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Hello pyRevit friends :slight_smile:

I have created a collection of .py files that should serve as a searchable database for python methods in revit. The files have tags like “basic” if it´s a simple representation of a method, “advanced” if there is error handling added and “example” if it is a code that represents a use case including all available properties for the used class…and so on.

The files are stored on github, I would like to share them with others and let others contribute to the collection.

My question is, how to open that files with pyRevit? I think I can`t just grab that files directly from github?!
So the only thing I can think of is to write a batch file that will copy the files from github to the harddrive. And maybe theb batch file can be started from pyRevit? It would be OK if a user just can decide himself when he wants to update the files, if he does it on every autostart, once a week or whatever…

Would a batch file be a viable solution? What other options do I have? It should be a simple solution that everyone can use, so no pyrevit cli or other complex stuff^^

Appreciate any advice! Thanks in advance!

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To me it seems to be best suited for a webapp, or a website.
You could harness the github search api without having to import the scripts. Gui Talarico does that with its revit api docs websites.
You could also just add it to its samples with a simple PR: GitHub - gtalarico/revitapidocs.code: Python Scripts fo Repository for RevitAPIdocs.com

It would be much more useful and integrate with a long standing fully functioning solution

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Hello @Jean-Marc,

Did not think about that because I have no experience, but it is a very good idea!
Currently digging into github pages and Jekyll :slight_smile:

check https://www.mkdocs.org/
@sanzoghenzo implemented it for the pyRevit doc


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Thank you so much for your advive @Jean-Marc , i just created that tiny little jekyll thing and it already makes me happy :smiley:

I will definetly move to somewhere else to create a proper search and filter function, i will look into mkdocs, thanks!

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