Load beta tools using api \cli

Is it possible to turn on beta tools for a set number of people using startup.py?
I looked into the documentation but couldn’t find anything that would allow me to set this property
Has anybody else dealt with this problem or have any thoughts?

Wondering if anybody had any thoughts on this :slight_smile: ?

During your startup, you can simply configure the use of beta functionality for certain users.

python pseudocode

import os

user = os.getlogin() 
if user == 'vasya' or user == 'petya'
    subprocess.run(['pyrevit' 'configs' 'loadbeta' 'enable'])
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if user in ['vasya','petya']
and getting that list from somewhere ‘safe’


That’s exactly what I was looking for thanks both :slight_smile:
the cli command was evading me slightly
ended up doing this

if user in Secretlist:
        'cmd /c pyrevit configs loadbeta enable',
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