Lists Family Sizes

I am using the Lists Family sizes tool a lot to evaluate sizes of families but I am seeing something strange happening. I edit the size of the family and reduce it quite a bit, load back into the project but when I run the tool again, it is telling me the same size. So, is the tool reading the sizes of the families from the external family folder? Not the families that are saved into the model?

Hi, technically speaking, looking at the code,

                fam_path = fam_doc.PathName
                # if the family path does not exists, save it temporary
                #  only if the wasn't opened when the script was started
                if fam_doc.Title not in opened_families and (
                        not fam_path or not os.path.exists(fam_path)):
                    # edit family
                    fam_doc = revit.doc.EditFamily(fam)
                    # save with temporary path, to know family size
                    fam_path = os.path.join(temp_dir, fam_doc.Title)
                    fam_doc.SaveAs(fam_path, save_as_options)

It takes the stored family document PathName upon editing the family. If there is not PathName for the family document, it saves it temporarly in a temp folder.

All of that may cause the tool to refer either to the latest saved folder of the family or to the ‘new’ temp one.