Linked Levels Bounding Box

I would like to match the reference plane of linked levels with newly created levels. Similar to how copy monitoring the linked levels works.

Retrieving the linked level elevation, name, and other parameters works as expected. The get_BoundingBox(doc.ActiveView) method returns ‘None’ on the linked levels while in a 3D view.

Any ideas on how to get the linked level bounding box min/max points?

from Autodesk.Revit.DB import(
from rpw import revit, db

doc = revit.doc
view = doc.ActiveView

link_instances = FilteredElementCollector(doc) \

linked_docs = []
for link in link_instances:
    if link.GetLinkDocument() != None:
        link_doc = link.GetLinkDocument()
        if link_doc:

linked_levels = []
for linked_doc in linked_docs:
    levels = FilteredElementCollector(linked_doc).OfClass(Level).WhereElementIsNotElementType()
    for level in levels:

#Unique levels
seen = set()
linked_levels_unique = [level for level in linked_levels \
                        if level.Name not in seen and not seen.add(level.Name)]
# Sort by elevation
linked_levels_unique.sort(key = lambda x: x.Elevation)

with db.Transaction("Create Levels"):
    for linked_level in linked_levels_unique:
        new_level = Level.Create(doc,linked_level.Elevation)
        new_level.Name = linked_level.Name
        print(linked_level.get_BoundingBox(view)) # None for all levels