Is reorder views on sheet still a command

I swear there used to be a tool called reorder views on sheet under the sheets dropdown. I had it mapped to a keyboard shortcut. Did it get removed in 2023? I can’t find it.

on the drawing set panel, in the sheets pulldown

quick trick on github there is the ‘go to file’, I just searched “reorder” and got there

Right I see it but this tool is different from what it used to be. You used to be able to manually click the order. Now you select everything and it does it automatically but its not always right.

you could then use the older version, if you know roughly when it was behaving the way you want History for extensions/pyRevitTools.extension/ Set.panel/Sheets.pulldown/Reorder Selected Viewport.pushbutton/ - eirannejad/pyRevit · GitHub

also there is a bunch of other tools, on the market for just that renumber views | Plugin, Add-on, Extension for Revit | Autodesk App Store

Haven’t tried the renumbering tool of diRoots on views, but that would be my first thing to try

Diroots! Thats right I have that too…

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