Invitation to pyRevit Meetup #2 - 12th February @ 4.30pm (CET)

:tada: Second pyRevit meetup :tada:

The first one was in small committee, this one is public!

@eirannejad and some of the main contributors should be here

To join, use the link: pyRevit meetup #2 - Monday 16.30 CET

Some hot topics will be discussed:

Note: It will be recorded


We created a set of tasks for pyRevit 5 which is going to support netcore



Branch changes:

  • develop-4 is the new develop branch for pyRevit 4 and is still building on CI/CD
  • develop is the branch for development of pyRevit 5 and is not longer building on CI/CD. This is temporary and we will start building and publishing WIP installer again when 5.* is ready for beta
  • main is remaining as the pyRevit 4 latest release for now until verion 5 is ready for public release

:record_button: The recording is available here Meetup #2 Recording

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