Installation Issues

I have installed pyRevit and when I launch Revit, a long list of errors appear.

What can be the possible solution to this?

Hi @MSalmanJavaid
You might have tried to launch multiple revit sessions at once. Each one trying to access the same pyrevit config file at the same time.

I just opened Revit once from the Taskbar and Desktop. Not opening the project directly. How can multiple sessions can be launched in that case? :thinking:

@MSalmanJavaid my answer was an hypothesys. This is a case I encountered myself many times while launching multiple revit versions at once.

second hypothesis, you might wan’t to restart your computer.

Also restarted. Same errors show up

check if you have a config file @ c:\programdata\pyrevit\pyRevit_config.ini
if not create one manually and launch revit again to see if that works

Yup It’s there

@MSalmanJavaid See the solution here Error Loading pyRevit - PyRevitLoader · Issue #1461 · eirannejad/pyRevit · GitHub

After the install yesterday I was getting the INI file error and couldn’t load. I noticed that the pyRevit_config.ini file did not exist in the AppData\Roaming\pyRevit\ folder where the install page notes indicate that it should be.