Inspecting Scripts

If one wanted to look at the python scripts that make these features work that come with pyRevit… What would the best way to do that be? I downloaded Notepad++ because I’ve seen Ehsan using it in videos. Do I just find where they are in finder and open the .py file in Notepad++? Or is there a way to see the code within pyRevit? Curious what the pros do…

I usually alt click on the command, that will open the folder for the script. Then I just open in visual studio code to start peaking at the magic behind the scenes. There some good info around on how to get visual studio set up with intellisence for revit api and pyrevit api. If I find them I’ll link them here


Here is one with a gif to show how to do it in vs code IntelliSense for pyrevit module


I knew there would be a jedi trick for this! Thanks.