In what it is necessary to create window applications?

I need to make a window with sections and put families in them. please send me a link to something similar. Thanks
P.S. for understanding it is WPF or Tkinter?

I am not a specialist

Check EF-Tools from @ErikFrits and pyChilizer from @dnenov and @rastermadre extensions, they both have great examples.
There are a few in pyRevit, implementing wpf I think, such as the print tools

from pyrevit.framework import Windows, Drawing, ObjectModel, Forms

it uses the pyrevit.framework module
itself getting the wpf module in ironpython

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WPF have a very steep learning curve from my opinion, nearly all resources about it are going to be in C# so you would need to be able to read and understand it.

I personally was following different C# Tutorials and tried to rewrite it in python as I have watched. There are a few courses, but I never found time to go through them as I have learnt by doing it somehow. Start simple and it will start to make more sense.


Try to filter out all XAML files from git repo of pyrevit or extension. You can copy the code and make some changes. It looks more or less like HTML with different tags :slight_smile:

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Yes, WPF is much easier in Visual Studio, where you have a graphical editor, if you start a WPF project. Be aware that the codebehind will be in C#, but you can have the same functionality in IronPython aswell. The only thing I couldn’t figure out doing, is to use custom namespaces in the xaml :frowning:

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