Image in Forms.alert

Hi, I started to make some forms.alert in file in my pyrevit extension.

I could’nt find if there is a way to include an image (static of gif) inside a simple form (like a logo for example)

Is it possible in any way ?

Thank you

pretty sure it is doable with the proper xaml template outside of this pre-built function.

Not answering your question…
But one note, using a forms.alert uppon startup forbid any other process to go past it if you don’t auto exit it or the user does not click ok or exit.
I did just that and also did that with a hook at file_opening time. It was a bad idea as some of my colleagues had automation going one and did not have any way to dismiss the window.
What I did instead, was to use a regular output window (there you can embed anything as it accepts html)

Noted, thank for this feedback, I will look around the output window for inserting image but now I have to learn how to control its appearance (and learn a little bit of html maybe ?)

Do you know if pyrevit.forms.toaster locks revit process also ? it seems not…

pyrevit.forms.toaster.send_toast(message, title=None, appid=None, icon=None, click=None, actions=None)

I doubt it

yeah, it depends what you are trying to achieve, but sky is the limit with html…