Idea for the community - Revit gamification

This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time. I don’t have the programming skills to do it and I wonder if anything like it has been built. Basically its a program that would gamify and provide user efficiency tips as you use Revit. It would keep track of commands executed and how long each command takes you. If a user is using a command a lot but not using a keyboard shortcut for it it could tell you the keyboard shortcut or suggest you make one. It could compare your speed to execute a command to the average of everyone else. It could tell you what commands you are using most often and break down your session by time spent doing certain commands in a pie graph or similar.

As a Revit nerd I think this would be a super interesting tool and could provide a lot of value to architecture firms as it would measure Revit user effectiveness essentially. What do you guys think?


Until the manager starts using it for performance reviews. Just kidding, but not kidding.

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Yea it would be pretty big brother :eye: