I dare you ;p: Github repo: fix the non working tooltip preview video

if someone is good at it and kind enough to look at it and if not fixing it point in the right direction, that woul be greatly appreciated

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This seems to be working for me.
In Coreutils>ribbon.py

from Autodesk.Windows import RibbonToolTip

    def set_tooltip_video(self, tooltip_video):
            adwindows_obj = self.get_adwindows_object()
            if isinstance(self.get_rvtapi_object().ToolTip, str):
                exToolTip = self.get_rvtapi_object().ToolTip
                exToolTip = None
            adwindows_obj.ToolTip = RibbonToolTip()
            if adwindows_obj and adwindows_obj.ToolTip:
                adwindows_obj.ToolTip.Title = self.ui_title
                adwindows_obj.ToolTip.Content = exToolTip
                _StackPanel = System.Windows.Controls.StackPanel()
                _video = System.Windows.Controls.MediaElement()
                _video.Source = Uri(tooltip_video)
                adwindows_obj.ToolTip.ExpandedContent = _StackPanel
                self.tooltip_video = tooltip_video
        except Exception as ttvideo_err:
            raise PyRevitUIError('Error setting tooltip video {} | {} '
                                 .format(tooltip_video, ttvideo_err))