How to execute scripts without manually open Revit

Hi everyone!
How to execute python scripts or other complex logic without manually open Revit, (instead open Python shell etc. and runs script from there.???) and do it all automatic by python scripts.
- **launch** revit
- **open** IFC file (file open / IFC)
- **load** some families to this scene
- **run** conversion scripts(change ifc models to revit families) - solved
- **save** project in some formats - solved
- **close** revit

Sorry if theme might be beginners level, but I didn’t find yet proper examples of something done like this.
Thank you!

Many ways to approach this:

  • pyrevit run -h in the command line
  • Revit batch automation
  • Revit journal files
  • ‘clarity’ automation from imaginit
  • rvt tools exporter’ could probably achieve that but I haven’t used it in a while
  • the good old ‘auto hot key’

Thank you ! For now option with
pyrevit run [script] [filepath]
worked for me!