How to execute a Dynamo graph inside a python script?

Hi! It’s my first post here!

I need to chain run a few different Dynamo graphs from a single python script or combine Dynamo graphs with Python code.

Something like this:


Since pyRevit allows running .dyn scripts from Ribbon I figured it is possible. I’ve tried reading pyRevit source and looking in Internet but without any luck.
Thanks for help!

@Andrzej ,

i recognized that running a dynamo script takes even more time when you have insteat a clean python code.

or follow this



So far I have come up with this:

import clr
from PyRevitLoader import ScriptExecutor
import pyrevit

py_executor = ScriptExecutor()
# this succedes

dyn_executor = ScriptExecutor()
# this does not



Currently I’m stuck with setting up dynamo engine for ScriptExecutor.

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in my opinion, that amount of daisy chaining will more often than not cause Revit to crap on itself and crash. also, the execution time is going to be slower - since there are more wrappers between the script execution and Revit.
I would advise combining the 2 dynamo scripts into1 and then executing through a pushbutton

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I have a partial solution:

import clr
from PyRevitLoader import ScriptExecutor
from pyrevit.runtime.types import DynamoBIMEngine, ScriptData, \
    ScriptRuntime, ScriptRuntimeConfigs

scriptdata = ScriptData()
scriptdata.ScriptPath = "d:\\test.dyn"
config = ScriptRuntimeConfigs()
runtime = ScriptRuntime(scriptdata, config)
engine = DynamoBIMEngine()

This will execute a graph. They can be chained. Still, it requires open Dynamo window to work, because otherwise it throws this:


So, I still need my way around EngineManager.

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We have a policy to go with Dynamo whenever it is possible. The reason is that there aren’t that many Pythoners available at hand to hire and I am the only one currently in my company. Dynamo is usally easier for newcomers.

I still need to programatically chain run Dynamo graphs as it will speed up things greatly.

you could be the first to post in the Jobs category :smile: @Andrzej

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Let’s just say that I don’t care about the overhead. Secondly Revit craps when code is poorly written.

That’s not a solution for me. Our Dynamo graphs are complex enough already and adding more makes them unmanagable and almost impossible to imporve later on. I have been into Dynamospaghetti world once and I’m not coming back.

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I will remember to do that.

you can start Dynamo before and see if that helps using this piece of code

from pyrevit import HOST_APP,UI
uiapp = HOST_APP.uiapp

RevitCommandId commandId = UI.RevitCommandId.LookupPostableCommandId(UI.PostableCommand.Dynamo)

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@Andrzej thank you for posting this, did you solve the issue. I am facing the same issue of running dynamo using pyrevit.