How to detect pyRevit versions through SCCM?

I have a mixed environment and need to build a collection of all the pyRevit version in our company in SCCM. I can find all the old versions like 4.8.8 or 4.7.6 anything after that is not showing up. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated so we can get everyone on the same version.

Hi Sara,
Why would you do this?
Why not using the latest version only?

I am trying to get all computers with any version of pyrevit into a collection so I can put them all on the same version, but the system is not picking up any versions past 4.8

Not so sure about what your question is.
The latest official release is this one: Release pyRevit v4.8.14.24016 · eirannejad/pyRevit · GitHub
If you want to query the version number programmatically when pyRevit is already installed, you can run the pyrevit env command in the command line.

My question is how do I dectect all the computers in my environment that have pyRevit installed there is no way to detect the versions 4.8.10 or after that in SCCM to build a device collection to update all computers in our company so that they all have the same version of pyRevit not have a mixed environment like we have now.

I hate when people do this to me, but bear with me:

  • Isn’t it more a question for SCCM forums?
    I don’t have or have used SCCM.

If you are IT admin, you could probably collect the listing of pyrevit installed on all computer using a command line script that runs ‘pyrevit env’ and return the result to a db or a csv at worst _ all this at login or startup.

you could potentially also - do this in your script this is how I log all users and their pyrevit version
pyrevit_version = script.get_pyrevit_version().get_formatted()

and then write the pyrevit version to a central text file dump

My issue is there is no way to detect if the software is installed on a pc or not without having to run a script on 1k computers. There used to be a registry key tied to the software no there is no longer that within the downloads.

Well, not entirely true.
pyRevit can be installed in two locations depending if the end user has admin rights or not.

Distribution Model


you can find pyRevit version by guid

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regedit path to info about pyrevit (if install to current user)

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